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Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib

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Location: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand, India
Altitude: 4160 Meters
Trekking: Govind Ghat to Ghagaria to Hemkund Sahib (9+6 =15Kms)
Time Required: 8 to 9 Hours
Opening Timings: May Mid to October End
Darshan Timings: 5 AM to 12 PM & 2 PM to 9 PM
Famous For It is devoted to Guru Gobind Singh (1666–1708), the tenth Sikh Guru, and finds mention in Dasam Granth

About Hemkund Sahib

How about watching snow-capped mountains and then heading to the valley of flowers? The itinerary seems promising, isn’t it? Hemkund or Hemkunt Sahib is a holy place for Sikhs. The pilgrimage site is located in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. 

Uttarakhand boasts scenic views and lush greenery. Speaking of panoramic views, the pilgrimage site has a glacial lake, and it is surrounded by seven mighty mountain peaks. Each of these mountains has a Nishan Sahib. For records, Nishan Sahib is a triangular flag that is either made of silk cloth or cotton. It is a Sikh flag, and you will find it in every gurudwara. 

If you are a Sikh or follow the teachings of Sikhs, then visiting this wonderful religious site should be on the list. Also, nature lovers would be charmed by the surroundings of the site. 

History and Importance 

The pilgrimage site was not on the map before. The locals knew about the lake (Lokpal) and considered it a pilgrimage site. It is believed that the younger brother of Lord Ram meditated near the lake. He was brought to the lake after being significantly wounded. Lakshman’s wife shed tears and prayed that her husband should not be taken away from her. Lord Hanuman found a cure for this – a miracle herb that he found in the Valley of Flowers. 

After giving this herb to Lakshman, his wounds were gone, and he got revived again. This is the popular story that the locals narrate to travelers. 

The locals tell tales about how Lakshman used to pray under the water at Lokpal lake. Lokpal basically means Vishnu! There are rumors about Lokpal being the birthplace of Lord Shiva. 

Places to See at Hemkund 

When you visit Hemkund Sahib, witness the true beauty of nature. There is a valley of flowers that houses 80 species of colorful flowers. It will be a treat for sore eyes! Valley of Flowers is a national park, and one can only reach the destination by trekking. 

Hemkund Lake is beautiful and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This is a holy lake which is also known as the ‘Lake of Snow’ and overlooks the seven peaks with the Nishan Sahib. 


Since Hemkund Sahib is a holy destination, you can offer prayers and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the pilgrimage site. There is a beautiful lake that overlooks the cliffs. Trekking till Hemkund Sahib is also a marvelous thing to do. You can view the majestic mountains and watch the clear blue skies. 

The snow-capped mountains are a visual treat. Trekking in this area is a popular activity. Once you have taken the blessings of Lord Lakshman and the Sikh God, you can trek to the Valley of Flowers. 

The Valley of Flowers is a must-visit. It opens at 7 AM and closes at 5 PM. Plan your trip accordingly and visit the valley with blooming flowers. Winter is not the best time to explore this area. 

A trip to the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve is a must. It was established in the year 1982, and ever since, the visitors go for a trek in a group of five. A registered guide accompanies visitors. This biosphere reserve is open from May to October. However, the best time to visit the reserve is from June to September. This is a world heritage site, and you must not miss the opportunity of being close to Mother Nature. 

Best Time To Visit 

Hemkund Sahib is accessible from June to October. Travelers are not allowed to visit the Valley of Flowers after October. In the winter season, there is thick snow on the water, and it gets unbearably cold. This is the time when the entry is closed. Plan your trip in September or June. However, you can plan your trip as per your schedule, but there is a closing time as well. 

How To Reach 

By Air: Take a flight from Delhi to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. Govindghat is 300 km away from Dehradun. You would need to take another form of transport to reach here. 

Take a helicopter from Govindghat to Ghangharia. Travelers would need to make prior bookings for the helicopter ride. Ghangara is the base camp, and from here, Hemkund Sahib is just 6 km away. 

By Train: You can take a train to Haridwar and then take another form of transport, such as a car/bus, to Govindghat. Haridwar is 292 km away from Govindghat. Local taxis are available from the station that would take you to Govindghat. 

After Govindghat, the travelers must book a helicopter or a porter. Trekking is another way to reach Ghangharia. 

By Road: It will be a long and tiring drive to Govindghat. From Delhi, Govindghat is 512 km away. You can hire a driver and let them drive the whole distance. If you are thinking of driving yourself, then it is best to stay at a rest house in between. 

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